Depakote (Divalproex)
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Product description: Depakote is used to treat manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, as well as certain types of seizures and migraines.
Active Ingredient: Divalproex
Depakote as known as: Valsup, Valproic acid, Valproat chrono, Valcote, Depamag, Pms-valproic acid, Hyserenin, Ergenyl, Orfiril, Valex, Valporal, Prodepa, Vemantina, Baldeken-r, Acido valproico, Valberg, Stavzor, Logical, Propymal, Milzone, Torval cr, Valpakine, Valpronova, Orlept, Depacon, Dépakine, Trankitec, Absenor, Episenta, Soval, Valpram, Valhel, Petilin, Diplexil, Valprogama, Espertal, Proval, Epirenat, Dipromal, Valprosid, Selenica r, Deprakine, Apilepsin, Valprax, Pms-divalproex, Depakene, Valerin, Valpro, Valprodura, Esdouble, Atemperator, Diproex, Valopin, Sanoten, Alpovic, Epival, Exibral, Encorate, Depalept, Leptilan, Epilex, Criam, Cebotval, Epilim, Convulex, Ferbin, Eftil, Convulsofin, Neuractin, Cereb, Valsun, Valparin, Everiden, Valdia, Espa-valept, Delepsine, Valsil, Depakine chrono, Valepil, Valpron

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