Coreg (Carvedilol)
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Product description: Coreg is used to treat high blood pressure, heart failure and after a heart attack to improve the chance of survival.
Active Ingredient: Carvedilol
Coreg as known as: Carvedil, Coronis, Coritensil, Cavepia, Co-dilatrend, Durol, Colver, Carbatil, Dilapress, Omeria, Cardigard, Bloquedil, Talliton, Off-ten, Symtrend, Milenol, Carvetrend, Filten, Carca, Corel, Karvil, Karvileks, Trakor, Carvedilolum, Corafen, Rudoxil, Syntrend, Eucardic, Karvedil, Carvilar, Carvidol, Carvil, Adacor, Isobloc, Carvilex, Blorec, Carvipress, Carvedigamma, Coryol, Acridilole, Kinetra, Carvexal, Duobloc, Carved, Carloc, Antibloc, Avedol, Vasodyl, Carbloxal, Longcardio, Bidecar, Divelol, Carvid, Carvedilen, Curcix, Eucor, Biocard, Karvedilol, V bloc, Carvida, Diola, Coventrol, Avernol, Hipoten, Atram, Cardilol, Cortop, Dilbloc, Carveratio, Atenote, Carvestad, Kredex, Carve-q, Cardiol, Carvepen, Lodipres, Dualten, Carlatrend, Betaplex, Hypoten, Dilol, Carvidil, Palacimol, Dimetil, Carvédilol, Karvidil, Carvo, Carveditas, Carvelol, Carvol, Cavelon, Artist, Carviloc, Dilasig, Carlich, Dimitone, Querto, Raserbloc, Nicorax, Artione, Corubin, Cardix, Ucardol, Cadalol, Dilatrend, Caravel, Betacar, Blocar, Carvewin, Conpres, Veraten, Anisto, Cadil, Coropres, Carvedexxon, Vivacor

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